He was tough. He was one mean somma-bitch. He threw hot coffee into his leading lady’s face.

And in keeping with Memorial Day, we also note that before he was a Hollywood star, Lee Marvin was a decorated Marine veteran of World War II. Imagine, a movie star who actually saw and fought in real combat.

Marvin won a Purple Heart after being wounded in the Pacific campaign, and is buried in Arlington National Cemetery (He died in Tucson, Arizona of a heart attack at age 63 in 1987.)

Who better as the subject of our Memorial Day Monday Quiz?  Lee Marvin — a front ranked Hollywood star and grizzled combat vet.

How much do you really know about him? Let’s get to our Quiz, and find out.  As usual, questions today and the answers tomorrow.

1) Question: Lee Marvin is best remembered for his movie work but he also was the star of which hit network tv series?  a) Good Times; b) Mod Squad; c) Three’s Company; or d) M Squad.

2) Question: Marvin really did toss a pot of scalding hot coffee into the puss of which one of the following leading ladies? a) Hedy Lamarr; b) Jane Fonda; c) Gloria Graham; or d) Audrey Totter.

3) Question:  Marvin fought a battle of the bottle for most of his life.  Which movie character did he play who most closely reflected the actor’s hard drinking ways?

4) Question:  Marvin and Dick Van Dyke have, believe it or not, some things in common. Which of the following qualities are shared by both?  a) Both won Oscars; b) Both fought alcoholism; c) Both romanced the same woman; or d) Marvin was tall as is Van Dyke.

5) Question:  Marvin won his Oscar for which one of his films? a) Point Blank; b) The Killers; c) The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (see photo above); or d) Cat Ballou.

6) Question:  Can you name the movie in which Marvin has a singing role? a) Camelot; b) The Sound of Music; c) Paint Your Wagon; or d) Where the Boys Are.

7) Question: Marvin was always bothered by his relatively short stature.  He wasn’t much taller than the diminutive Alan Ladd.  a) True or b) False?

8) Question: Marvin was much like George Raft in that he had a habit of turning down offers for leading roles in memorable pictures including which of the following: a) 1975’s Jaws; b) 1970’s Patton; 1971’s The French Connection; or d) 1969’s The Wild Bunch.

9) Question: Marvin had a seemingly unlikely but torrid romance with none other than Vivien Leigh.  a) True or b) False?

10) Question: Marvin and fellow vet Ronald Reagan (who never saw combat) maintained a close relationship based on their private politics.  a) True or b) False.

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