One of France’s most famous leading ladies. A grande dame of international Cinema (with a capital “C”).

Born in Paris 88 years ago, Moreau ‘s career — a word she disdained — covers the French national stage, the “nouvelle vague” (New Wave) of French moviemaking in the Fifties and Sixties, and splashes of Hollywood after that. In all, about 150 credits over a nearly 65-year period. 

She never was a big star in America, but has emerged nonetheless as one of contemporary cinema’s last living screen doyennes. British critic David Thomson describes Moreau as an intelligent, intuitive woman wanting to commit herself to the inner rhythm of the movie.

Raised by a British mother (a professional dancer who performed at the Folies Bergere) and a French father (a restaurateur), Moreau was always comfortable in English and French.  Her movie appearances came relatively late for an actress, at about age 30. Moreau wasted no time, and performed for some of the world’s greatest directors.

Ok, let’s see how much you know about Moreau.  We’ve kept the questions more general and focussed on her Hollywood outings. As usual, questions today, answers tomorrow. Here we go:

1) Question:  Although Moreau appeared in many American titles, it was Francois Truffaut’s 1962 French period drama Jules and Jim that is most cherished by many fans of the actress.  She plays a woman loved by two men who meets and unforgettable end. What happens?  a) She wins the lottery; b) She shoots both her lovers; c) She commits watery suicide; or d) She departs for Hollywood to star in silent movies.

2) Question:  Which one of the following American actors did Moreau have an intense personal and professional relationship?  a) Orson Welles; b) Lee Marvin; c) Charles Bronson; or d) George Hamilton.

3) Question: Like many stars, Moreau had questionable judgement about the roles she did NOT accept.  Which of the following movies did she turn down?  a) 1960’s Spartacus; b) 1967’s The Graduate; c) 1975’s One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest; and d) 1960’s Rocco and His Brothers.

4) Question:  Which one of the following pictures established Moreau as something of an international sex symbol?  a) 1957’s Les Amants; b) 1960’s Five Branded Women; c) 1965’s The Train; or d) 1963’s The Trial.

5) Question:  Moreau has been married three times, once to a prominent American director who is still active.  Can you name him?  (Hint: Don’t be overly exorcized by this question.)

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