Yes, yes, we know that back in February, we challenged you with our first official Ingrid Bergman quiz (Know A Lot About Ingrid Bergman?, published on Feb. 20 with answers posted on Feb. 25).

But since we admire this great actress so, and are duly inspired by author Charlotte Chandler’s 2007 biography, Ingrid Bergman: A Personal Biography (Simon & Schuster) — as well as the most welcome issue of The Criterion Collection’s new and very much improved DVD renderings of Stromboli (1950), Europe ’51 (1952) and most especially, Journey To Italy (1954), Bergman’s work directed by lover-husband Roberto Rossellini — we decided to come up another reader challenge with different and (slightly) tougher questions.

To compensate, we have adopted a true-false format to simplify things. You may not know all the answers but we’re betting that you’ll score correctly on at least a few. Ok, here we go:

1) Question: The role of Ilsa in Casablanca was Bergman’s favorite movie part.  True or false?

2) Question: Charles Boyer, Bergman’s costar in Gaslight and Arch of Triumph, deeply resented working with her because she privately derided his short stature by referring to the actor as “that little, French shrimp.” True or False?

3) Question:  Bergman had many affairs with her male costars during her Hollywood years including a torrid fling with Casablanca costar Humphrey Bogart.  True or False?

4) Question:  Although she certainly had many fans, Bergman was never a top Hollywood star at the box office?  True or false?

5) Question: Bergman’s Hollywood debut in 1939’s Intermezzo: A Love Story was a ripoff of a movie she had made before in her native Sweden.  True or false?

6) Question:  Fellow Swede Greta Garbo was introduced to Bergman early in the latter’s Hollywood career, and the two became lifelong friends. True or false?

7) Question: Her infamous romance with Italian director Rossellini began immediately after Bergman saw — and was struck by — two of his movies.  True or false?

8) Question: George Sanders, Bergman’s costar in Journey To Italy, was literally reduced to tears by the dictatorial badgering he suffered at the hands of Rossellini during the movie’s production.  True or false?

9) Question: When Bergman discovered a lump in her breast, Bergman immediately stopped working to receive medical attention.  True or false?

10) Question: When Bergman cooked dinner for Alfred Hitchcock at her home outside Paris,  the rotund director of of three of her most notable outings (1945’s Spellbound, 1946’s Notorious and 1949’s Under Capricorn) was thrilled, and called for seconds and thirds. True or false?

Stay tuned, answers tomorrow.

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