She was Scarlet O’Hara’s younger sister. Well, one of them. The bratty one named Suellan.

But Gone With The Wind was hardly our Quiz subject’s best work.

Evelyn Keyes made a slew of movies (55 movie and tv credits in all) which generally wound up playing the bottom of double bills.  Even so, she packaged some good titles along the way, notably including some memorable films noir. (Keyes considered her GWTW sisterly turn as a throwaway bit part.)

Keyes, who started out as a wide-eyed teenage beauty contest winner from Port Arthur, Texas, was put under contract by Cecil B. Demille, who slotted her in her first picture, 1938’s The Buccaneer with Fredric March and Akim Tamiroff (one of our favorite character actors). Some 55 years later, Keyes wound down her career with multiple appearances on the hit tv series, Murder, She Wrote.

Over the years, Keyes compiled a very busy private life, going through four marriages and a number of affairs with famous names. I always took up with the man of the moment, she would say. And there many such moments.

Along the way, she developed into a sophisticated actress, a world traveller (she spoke French and Spanish fluently) and a writer of note. Her tell-all memoir, 1977’s Scarlett O’Hara’s Younger Sister:  My Lively Life In And Out Of Hollywood, set a high bar in the candid department.

So let’s see how much you know about this most interesting actress. As usual, questions ktoday and answers tomorrow.  Here we go:

1) Question: Keyes was of the opinion that one of the following titles was her best picture.  Which one?  a) 1949’s Mrs. Mike; b) 1946’s The Jolson Story; c) 1955 The Seven Year Itch; or d) 1950’s The Prowler.

2) Question: A deeply personal experience affected Keyes’ mood just before she filmed her minor role in Gone With The Wind.  What was it? a) She fell in love with Cecil B. DeMille; b) She had an abortion; c) She hit the Lottery; or d) none of the above.

3) Question: Keyes was married four times. Which one of the following was she married to longest?  a) Barton Bainbridge; b) Charles Vidor; c) John Huston; or d) Artie Shaw.

4) Question: Which one of the following was not among Keyes’ many lovers?  a) Glenn Ford; b) Dick Powell; c) Kirk Douglas; or d) Gregory Peck. 

5) Question: Can you name one thing that Keyes and Elizabeth Taylor shared offscreen?




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