Ok, we admit it.  We have sometimes been remiss in honoring various distinguished talents of Hollywood’s classic period despite our fondness for them.  Why this is — who knows?

We are, for example, just now getting around to our first blog on one of our favorite actors, Edward G. Robinson.  Eddie G. is not as well known today as he should be, and we hope today’s Monday Quiz will help spread the word.

We’ll be devoting more blogs to Robinson in the future, but for today, we invite you to take a brush-up on his life and career via our 10-question quiz.  As usual, we’ll have answers tomorrow.  So, here we go:

1) Question: What was Robinson’s real name?  a) Issur Danielovich; b) David Kamisky; c) Sam Spiegel; or d) Emanuel Goldenberg.

2) Question: Although not thrilled to be typecast, Robinson always enjoyed playing gangsters especially in such strong pictures as 1948’s Key Largo.  a) True; or b) false.

3) Question:  Although known for his tough-guy roles, Robinson submissively painted the toenails of the femme fatale in 1945’s film noir Scarlett Street. Who was the recipient of his pedicure? a) Joan Crawford; b) Barbara Payton; c) Joan Bennett; or d) Esther Williams.

4) Question: Robinson surprised many of his fans in 1945 when he took on the lead role in an MGM family picture, Our Vines Have Tender Grapes, portraying an immigrant Norwegian farmer raising his family in rural Wisconsin.  Who is the child star who played his daughter? a) Shirley Temple; b) Cora Sue Collins; c) Deanna Durbin; or d) Margaret O’Brien.

5) Question:  Where was Robinson born?  a) Brookyn, New York; b) Bucharest, Romania; c) Warsaw, Poland; or d) Budapest, Hungary.

6) Question:  Because of his occasional frustrations as an actor, Robinson channeled his artistic impulses in a different direction and became one of Hollywood’s most famous fine art collectors.  a) True; or b) false.

7) Question:  Robinson spoofed his gangster image in the 1938 comedy, A Slight Case of Murder, in which he plays a bungling Prohibition beer baron with family and financial challenges. Which of the following actors repeated the role in the film’s early Fifties remake? a) James Cagney; b) Broderick Crawford; c) Danny Kaye; or d) Humphrey Bogart.

8) Question: Robinson was directed by Orson Welles just once, and was highly impressed by the young master.  a) True; b) false; c) both.

9) Question:  Little Caesar, the 1931 gangster classic that made Robinson’s career, marked his film debut.  a) True; or b) false?

10) Question: The Motion Picture Academy ignored Robinson’s work throughout his career, and never awarded him an Oscar while he was alive.  a) True; or b) false?




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