Dottie’s 100th birthday next Wednesday; how ’bout a salute to everyone’s favorite pin up? 100, wow.

The cryptic above message was delivered a few days ago by regular reader Mike Sheridan. He is referring to the fact that Dorothy Lamour was born 100 years ago Wednesday (Dec. 10).

We don’t know about Lamour being our favorite pinup (out tastes lean to Bette Grable and Rita Hayworth).  But certainly the birthday occasion demands at the very least a period in the spotlight as the subject of our Monday Quiz.

We’ve written lots about Lamour, a premier actress-singer who played the femme fatale (or not so fatale) role in those “Road” movies with Bob Hope and Bing Crosby. Joe has interviewed her several times.

Her career lasted for more than a half century — not necessarily her preference; she had to work in late career for mostly financial reasons — and spanned radio, TV, the movies and the stage. In 1980, she wrote her autobiography, My Side of the Road. As Mike’s message indicates, she has her fans still.

How much do you now about Dorothy Lamour?  Please take our quiz  and find out. As usual, answers tomorrow.

1) Question: Lamour began her career in the early Thirties as a dancer in vaudeville.  a) True; or b) False?

2) Question:  In which movie did Lamour first wear her signature, sexy sarong? a) The Road to Bali; b) The Hurricane; c) College Holiday; or d) The Jungle Princess.

3) Question:  In how many movies did Lamour actually wear the sarong?  a) six; b) 15; c) 12; or d) 21.

4) Question:  Lamour was one of the few Hollywood actresses to get a studio green light to make records throughout her movie career. What was her signature song?  a) The Moon of Manakoora; b) Begin the Beguine; c) Moonlight and Shadows; or d) It Could Happen To You

5) Question: What did Lamour have in common with Esther Williams, Doris Day and Debbie Reynolds? a) They all loved a good song; b) All four were athletic; c) All four were married at various times to deadbeat husbands; or d) All four were highly religious.

6) Question: Lamour became very good friends with “Road To…” costar Bob Hope but disliked Bing Crosby.  a) True; or b) False?

7) Question: Which one of following squired a young, single Dorothy Lamour, making for one of modern American history’s oddest couples?  a) Albert Einstein; b) Adlai  Stevenson; c) Robert Taft or d) J. Edgar Hoover.

8) Question: In her late Forties, Lamour was dismayed at NOT being as the chief femme interest in which Hope-Crosby “Road To…” movie. Which younger actress took her place?  a) Joan Collins; b) Ann Margret; c) Elke Sommer; or d) Diana Dors.

9) Question: Lamour was renowned as Hollywood’s super sales-woman of World War II war bonds. In dollar amounts, how much did she sell?  a) $21 million worth of bonds; b) $100 million; c) $5 million; or d) $18 million.

10) Question: What was Lamour’s real name?

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