He was at first a big band singer, then graduated to durable star of some of Warner Bros. most glittering early musicals.  Born just four years into the 20th century, Dick Powell logged an impressive career in his ensuing 54 years on this earth.

Along the way he married two notable Hollywood actresses, and scored several program successes on television.  His voice lent authority to perhaps his biggest classic movie claim — to the character of detective Philip Marlowe in mid-Forties film noir in full flower.

Just to gently test your knowledge of the life and career of Dick Powell, we put together our Monday Quiz with a lighter summertime touch.  We hope you enjoy our effort, and learn a tad or two about our man of the day. (As usual, answers tomorrow.)

1) Question: Can you name the sexy film noir heroine who costarred opposite Powell in 1948’s Pitfall? a) Jane Greer; b) Marie Windsor; c) Lizabeth Scott; or d) Linda Darnell.

2) Question:  Which two of the following actresses did Powell wed?  a) Kathryn Grayson; b) June Allyson; c) Joan Blondell; or d) Ruby Keeler?

3) Question:  Can you correctly identify the big band leader that hired a very young Dick Powell as a vocalist? a) Artie Shaw; b) Duke Ellington; c) Tex Beneke; or d) Charlie Davis.

4) Question:  Which one of the following Warner Bros. movies did NOT star Dick Powell? a) Gold Diggers of 1933; b) Flirtation Walk; c) Naughty But Nice; or d) Happy Go Lucky. 

5) Question: In 1952, Powell formed a TV production company with three other famous classic movie actors. Which of the following comprised the trio? a) Charles Boyer; b) Rosalind Russell; c) Joel McCrea; d)David Niven or e) Edward G. Robinson.

6) Question: Powell was the screen incarnation of novelist Raymond Chandler’s famous character, detective Philip Marlowe, until another actor took over.  Who is this actor? a) Lawrence Tierney; b) Humphrey Bogart; c) Robert Mitchum; or d) Robert Montgomery.

7) Question:  Powell used to conspicuously smoke during his television appearances, and severely damaged his health in doing so. a) True; or b) False?

8) Question: When did The Dick Powell Show run on network television, and what was it about?

9) Question: Eleanor Powell and Dick Powell were brother and sister.  a) True; or b) False?

10) Question: Powell had something in common with Susan Hayward, John Wayne and Agnes Moorehead.  What on earth can it be?

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