She has been for years known as a classy actress adept in a variety of stage and screen parts ranging from Shakespeare to soap opera.

And, at 84, Claire Bloom is still going.

She is an actress as well known for the men she married.  And those she romanced (she had cultured taste). She has written two memoirs exposing both her professional and personal lives.

In short, Bloom is one interesting woman.  Let’s see how much you know about her. Let our Monday Quiz begin.

1) Question: Bloom’s daughter by her first marriage is notable because she became: a) a plumber; b) a stage designer; c) an opera singer; or d) a playwright?

2) Question:  Which one of the following did Bloom NOT marry?  a) Rod Steiger; b) Hillard Elkins; c) Paul Scofield; or d) Philip Roth.

3) Question:  Bloom famously costarred with Charlie Chaplin in which one of his films? a) Monsieur Verdoux; b) A King in New York; c) A Countess From Hong Kong; or d) Limelight.

4) Question: Which one of the following was not romantically linked to Bloom?  a) Richard Burton; b) Charlton Heston; c) Yul Brynner; or d) Laurence Olivier.

5) Question: Like many an aging actress, Bloom (84) has worked on a soap opera to pay the rent.  Can you name the daytime drama that she starred in?  a) General Hospital; b) As The World Turns; c) The Young And The Restless; or d) Days Of Our Lives.

6) Question: One of Bloom’s husband took an extraordinary measure in spite when the actress publicly revealed intimate details of their unsuccessful marriage.  What did the revenge-seeking ex do?

7) Question:  Which female Shakespearean role has Bloom not played?  a) Ophelia; b) Juliet; c) Lady Anne; or d) Portia.

8) Question:  Of all the parts that she has played over the years, what is Bloom’s favorite role?

9) Question:  In the late 1960’s Bloom costarred in a movie about mentally challenged man played by Cliff Robertson.  In the 70’s Robertson sparked a full-scale Hollywood scandal.  What role did Bloom play in the affair?

10) Question:  In the mid-1960’s Bloom costarred in one of the best espionage thrillers ever made.  What is the title of this film, and who was her costar?


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