It seems to us that if any Hollywood actresses have a claim to eternal public life their ranks would have to include (in no special order) Marilyn Monroe, Greta Garbo, Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn.

Of these luminaries, Hepburn is now the closest (deservedly or not) to Hollywood sainthood. Her fashion model chic — termed her “iconic style” — has a posthumous appeal of its own, sufficient to the needs current publications.

In short, although she’s been dead for 20 years now, her visual appeal remains refreshingly contemporary.  But how much do you really know about Audrey? Take today’s quiz, and find our for sure. (As usual, answers will be provided in tomorrow’s blog.)

1) Question: Hepburn spoke with a light, slightly British accent in most of her movies.  Where was she born?  a) The Bronx; b) Brussels, Belgium; c) London, England; or d) Amsterdam, Holland.

2) Question: Audrey’s father was a distinguished Anglo-Irish banker.  a) True; or b) false?

3) Question: What was Hepburn’s real name? a) Emma Goldman; b) Audrey Kathleen Ruston; c) Audrey  Eleanor O’Hara; d) Cornelia Bisschop.

4) Question: When Hepburn was an aspiring actress, she was tested in 1950 for a major big-studio Hollywood production. Can you identify the movie’s title and the actress who beat out Audrey for the role for which she was tested?

5) Question: When director William Wyler first met Audrey, he knew instantly that the confident actress standing before him was perfect for the role of the bored young princess on a 24-hour lark in 1953’s Roman Holiday. a) True; or b) false.

6) Question: Audrey made her first big splash in America in a stage version of what later became a celebrated film musical with another actress as the star. What was the play’s title, and who took Hepburn’s place in the movie?

7) Question:  Hepburn was deeply upset by the animosity between her two costars that nearly spilled over into on-the-set violence.  Can you name the two actors (one of whom seduced Audrey), and the title of the movie they all were making? (Hint:  Billy Wilder fits into this scenario.)

8) Question: Towards the end of her career, Audrey played an aging Maid Marian to a fatigued Robin Hood played by a veteran actor who once played James Bond.  Who was this actor?  a) Roger Moore; b) Barry Nelson; c) David Niven; d) Sean Connery; or e) George Lazenby?

9) Question: Who was the man closest personally to Hepburn at the end of her life?  a) Humphrey Bogart; b) Mel Ferrer; c) Andrea Dotti; or d) Robert Wolders.

10) Question: Audrey had her share of on-set romances.  Can you name the personality she had an affair with during the making of Two For The Road in the late 1960’s?  a) Stanley Donen; b) William Daniels; c) Albert Finney; or d) Georges Descrieres.

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