Ok, we admit it.  We’re big fans of Audrey Hepburn.

Her career, which spanned the early Fifties through the 1980s, left an indelible imprint of a woman of great class and grace, an image that has not only endured but has vastly enlarged in the years after her death in Switzerland 22 years ago.

Hepburn is one of the few major female stars who possessed not only a exquisite profile, balletic poise, dark eyes and an intriguingly playful quality.  More important, perhaps, she also conveyed to international audiences a sense that she was fundamentally an earthbound, good person who triumphed over her share of career odds.

We’ve covered Hepburn in several blogs and at least one Monday Quiz. Today’s outing will be a tad different in approach, concentrating strictly on the movies Audrey made. How much do you know about them, particularly the earlier and later ones?  Let’s find out.

As usual, questions today and answers tomorrow.  The object here is to name the title of the Hepburn movie inquired about. Here we go:

1) Question:  In this one Audrey plays a madcap heroine.  (Hint: in a classic bit of political incorrectness, Mickey Rooney shows up as a buck-toothed Japanese neighbor.)

2) Question:  In his costume drama, Hepburn plays what the original author described as “a dark-eyed girl, full of life, with a wide mouth, her bosom undefined.” The book on which this epic is based is probably one who meant to read but never have. (Hint: her husband at the time is in the picture.)

3) Question: This British-made romantic comedy about the post-war housing shortage –a shy woman shares a house with two couples.  The stars are Joan Greenwood and Nigel Patrick.  It was Audrey’s fifth film appearance, released in 1951, and she walked off with the lion’s share of positive reviews.

4) Question:  This 1989 outing from director Steven Spielberg has Audrey playing an angel opposite Richard Dreyfuss. The script was co-written by Dalton Trumbo. (Hint: the title is one word.)

5) Question:  After laying off movie-make for some six years, Audrey returned to the screen in this 1976 rendition of a hoary historical romance.  (Hint: She bonded very well with her costar.)

6) Question: Hepburn worked hard in preparation for her role as a blind woman at the center of a nasty plot.  (Hint: Even today, this 1967 outing still frightens.)

7) Question:  The director of this 1966 movie is the same guy who orchestrated Audrey’s royal romance with journalist Gregory Peck in 1953’s Roman Holiday. (Hint: Its a madcap romance costarring the guy who played Lawrence of Arabia a few years before.)

8) Question:  In this 1960 western, one of Audrey’s most unusual outings, she plays opposite costar and producer Burt Lancaster the role of a young native American woman raised as “white.” (Hint:  John Huston is the director.)

9) Question:  We just had to include this one, in which Audrey, elegantly turned out in Cecil Beaton designs, extols the virtues of rain in Spain. (Hint: her costar is Rex what’s-his-name.)

10) Question:  This 1964 outing reunited Audrey with William Holden, with whom she had an affair during the shooting of 1954’s Sabrina. (Holden declared her, “the love of my life.”) Even so, this is one of the unremarkable films in Hepburn’s career.



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