(Young Robert Mitchum)

He was such a big star for such a long time that it’s hard to realize there’s much you don’t know about this superb, versatile actor.

(Seasoned Robert Mitchum; with Gloria Grahame)

Yes, we have quizzed you before about this bona fide Hollywood titan — who died in 1997 at age 79. This time, we deliberately set out to stump you by stepping up the questions.

That said, it’s hard to fully appreciate Mitchum’s enduring appeal to classic and contemporary film fans alike. Despite the length (more than a half century) covering well more than 125 film and tv credits — including more than a handful of genuine big screen classics — he is renowned for his many quips minimizing movie actors, especially himself.

He had an abiding distaste of method acting with its motivation or concepts and all that junk.  The Rin Tin Tin method is good enough for me. (Interestingly, his last movie was a biopic of James Dean.) Despite his protestations, Mitchum was a superb actor, a master of dialects, wry observations. He played the saxophone and wrote poetry.

Let’s see what else you know about him.

Nice Girls Don't Stay for Breakfast (2018)

(Senior Robert Mitchum)

Here we go:

  1. Question: Which one of the following actresses told Mitchum to his face that he couldn’t act, and that if he “hadn’t been good looking you would have never gotten a picture”? a) Deborah Kerr; b) Katharine Hepburn; c) Jane Greer; or d) Shelley winters.

2. Question: Mitchum was infamous for slapping the director of one of his best movies just to see if his technique looked realistic. Who was this unfortunate director? a) Jacques Tourneur; b) Charles Laughton; c) Otto Preminger; or d) Elia Kazan.

3. Question: Mitchum surprisingly held strongly negative views of which of the following action stars? a) Steve McQueen; b) Charles Bronson; c) Steven Seagal; or d) None of the above.

4) Question: Mitchum was big pals with an assortment of lesser known actors particularly including this relatively straitlaced star. Who was he? a) William Boyd; b) Oliver Reed; c) George C. Scott; or d) Richard Egan.

5) Question: Did you know that Mitchum and Orson Welles collaborated on a special project in the 1940’s. What was it?

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