Mickey Rooney died at his Los Angeles home on April 6 at age 93. There’s no question that Rooney’s career was among Hollywood’s longest — if not THE longest ever.

Rooney certainly warrants the “honor” of being a subject of our weekly Monday Quiz. Ok, let’s see how you did. (Remember, just scroll down to yesterday’s blog to review the questions.) Here we go with the answers:

1) Answer: b) Carmen Miranda.  Ava Gardner first met future husband, the 20-year-old Rooney, on the set of Busby Berkeley’s 1941 “youth musical” titled Babes on Broadway costarring Judy Garland.  Mickey was dressed in drag rehearsing a comedy turn impersonating Brazilian entertainer Miranda. Rooney was immediately impressed by his guest and ordered his minions to secure her phone number.

2) Answer:  a) Rooney was 5 feet-2 inches tall.

3) Answer: a) True.  Rooney, born Joseph Yule Jr. in Brooklyn in 1920, was the son of two vaudevillians. He lived out of his parent’s dressing room, and was introduced onstage before he was two.

4) Answer:  This is a trick question.  “All of the above,” that is, all four options, apply here. Rooney drove fast, smoked stogies, was belligerent and was definitely a womanizer.  Andy Hardy he was not.

5) Answer:  Rooney in Quicksand plays a none-too-bright grease monkey working at a Long Beach (Cal.) amusement park. He runs afoul of arcade operator Peter Lorre, who gets himself punched out by the Mick.

6) Answer:  c) Rooney married eight times.

7) Answer:  b) Esther Williams, who costarred with Rooney in MGM’s Andy Hardy’s Double Life (1942) as a college girl and faithful friend of Hardy’s sweetheart (Ann Rutherford). Williams was not Rooney’s biggest fan.

8) Answer:  c) The Strip, a 1951 crime drama in which Rooney plays an innocent type involved with Sunset Strip mobsters. The picture is obviously different from the Garland musicals mentioned in the other options.

9) Answer:  d) Manhattan Melodrama in which Clark Gable plays tough guy “Blackie Gallagher.” Rooney was cast as the same character as a boy.  The 1934 drama is best remembered today as the final movie seen by John Dillinger before departing the Biograph Theater in Chicago.

10) Answer:  d) Deanna Durbin.


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