You may think Melania Trump is the first celebrity that Americans have been exposed to born in the Eastern European country of Slovenia.

But not so. Remember Lenore Aubert?


LENORE AUBERT. The lovely actress of the 1940s. (Frank takes Joe’s word for this since he, too, had never heard of her.)

Of course, you remember now (sez Joe) — her most famous film was 1948’s Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein. She plays the mad scientist, Dr. Sandra Mornay, one of the few if not only actress to play such a role during Hollywood’s classic period. The picture is now said to be the best of those costarring Bud Abbott and Lou Costello.

Over the course of her abbreviated career (some 20 credits over 14 years), Aubert worked with George Sanders (1944’s Action In Arabia) and Bob Hope (1943’s They Got Me Covered).

She was the quintessential B movie actess whose sexy walk caught the attention of Republic Pictures honcho Herbert Yates, who once tried grooming her to replace the studio’s faltering  leading lady, Vera Ralston.

That must have been awkward since Ralston, who hailed from the Czech Republic, had been married to Yates. Be that as it may, things didn’t go entirely swimmingly during her Republic Pictures period.  Aubert’s most memorable film remains the Abbott and Costello comedy mentioned above.

By the way, although her screen name sounds French, it is a phony.  Aubert was born Eleanore Leisner in 1918.  She died 73 years later in on Long Island, New York.

Stump your friends by inquiring — who is the real Lenore Aubert?


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