Are you ready for the answers to our Monday Quiz — Maureen O’Hara?

We realize you’ve probably got many things going on this Tuesday.  Nonetheless, we urge you take a moment to see if your guesses to our 10 queries are correct (to review the questions, just scroll down to yesterday’s blog).

As mentioned, O’Hara logged 65 movie and TV credits over a lengthy career that began in 1938, peaked in the Forties and Fifties, and concluded 14 years ago.  O’Hara is still with us at age 93, living near her grandson in Boise, Idaho. So please review our answers; she may be watching.

1) Answer: b) Charles Loughton.  The rubbery British actor caught a screen test of the still teenaged O’Hara, and signed her to a personal contract.  Then it was off to Hollywood for 1939’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame, the Irish-born actress’ first rung on the ladder to stardom.

2) Answer: a), b) and c). O’Hara was not known as “the Queen of Mean.” That description was most notably applied to the late hotel proprietress, Leona Helmsley.

3) Answer: c) Gary Cooper.

4) Answer:  c) William Wyler.

5) Answer:  b) O’Hara along with Anne Baxter, Brenda Joyce, Linda Darnell and Gene Tierney was thought by 20th Century Fox mogul Darryl Zanuck to be among those suitable to inherit the mantle of the studio’s biggest female star, once borne by Alice Faye.

6) Answer:  c) O’Hara’s first marriage to British film producer George Brown, from 1939 to 1941, was, according to the actress, unconsummated and finally annulled. None of O’Hara’s three marriages involved Tyrone Power.

7) Answer: c) O’Hara along with Doris Day, Debbie Reynolds and Dorothy Lamour married husbands who financially cleaned them out.

8) Answer:  c) Elsa Lanchester.  This crack, that butter wouldn’t melt in any of O’Hara’s orifices, is interesting in that Lanchester was married for more than 30 years to…Charles Laughton.

9) Answer:  b) False.  O’Hara and frequent costar John Wayne got on reasonably well. According to author Scott Eyman, whose biography of the actor will be published in April, Wayne was paid “a modest” $100,000 for John Ford’s The Quiet Man in 1952. The actor gave up a profit participating in order to get the picture done.

10) Answer: a) True.  O’Hara intimated in her autobiography (2004’s ‘Tis Herself) that Ford had gay inclinations while at the same time making public love letters to her from the director.  We leave it to you to figure this out.


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