Just about everyone knows that  Mary Martin was one of the biggest stars on Broadway. But did you know she made films as well?

Martin is, of course, renowned even today for her many performances on Broadway, most notably in the 1949 Richard Rogers and Oscar Hammerstein musical “South Pacific.” But, as mentioned, she did also make movies.

Not many.

Of her some 20 movie and tv credits, 15 were features. Fact is that despite her towering accomplishments on the Broadway and London stage, she is at most an afterthought in Hollywood. Her obituary (she died in 1990) in The New York Times does not mention a single one of her films. That’s because none of her movies, light comedies and musicals for the most part, are especially memorable.

That should make our Mary Martin Quiz especially challenging. Questions today, answers tomorrow. Ok, without further ado, here we go:

1) Question:  Although Mary Martin was a sensation on Broadway in South Pacific, she did NOT recreate her starring role in the subsequent movie version. Who did? a) Ethel Merman; b) Jane Powell; c) Mitzi Gaynor; or d) Debbie Reynolds.

2) Question: Martin did get top billing while in Hollywood, and which of the following were her costars?  a) Don Ameche; b) Fred Allen; c) Brian Donlevy; or d) Akim Tamiroff.

3) Question: Actress Janet Gaynor and Martin, personal friends, shared a common experience offscreen that changed their lives. What was it?  a) A near-fatal car crash; b) Bankruptcy; c) Working with director Otto Preminger; or d) Alcohol rehab.

4) Question:  Martin’s early life was very difficult as her family was hardscrabble poor in rural Texas.  a) True; or b) False.

5) Question: Which of the following titles did Martin NOT appear in?  a) 1943’s True To Life; b) 1941’s New York Town; c) 1940’s Love Thy Neighbor; or d) 1948’s Easter Parade.

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