Yes.  She’s still with us.  She’s 95!  And there’s a documentary about to be released about her career.

Hello, everybody.  Joe Morella and Frank Segers, your classic movie guys, here today to recall one of the stars of the Golden Era who’s still with us — and still making news.

The Woman pictured above, Marsha Hunt, started her career at Paramount, then switched over to MGM.

She appeared in some of our favorite films, Pride and Prejudice  Blossoms in the Dust, Lost Angel, The Human Comedy.  She gave an outstanding performance in the war film, Cry Havoc.

Two films she made after leaving Metro also warrant viewing today, Smash-Up: The Story of a Woman and Carnegie Hall. In the first she supported Susan Hayward in one of the first films to deal with alcoholism.  In the second she serves as a foil to introduce various classical musicians to the screen.

In the late Forties, Hunt and her husband, writer Robert Presnell Jr., were blacklisted.  Her career sputtered from that point, although she continued to appear occasionally in films and on TV.

Her husband died in 1986, but Hunt persevered with both her career and her social interests. She had a book published, produced a CD of songs, two of which she’d written.  She appeared in an episode of Star Trek- The Next Generation, and in 2005 was in the film Chloe’s Prayer.

Throughout the years Hunt has remained a political activist and a champion for causes. She has worked tirelessly for the homeless and has been an advocate for people with mental illness.

Filmmaker Roger C. Memos has spent the last five years making a documentary about her life.  We wish him well.

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