How much did you know about MM’s early years in the movies?

Did you know that the studio that produced Marilyn’s early pictures was often accused of wasting her talent on inferior movies? And, of course, it was the same Fox who fired here before her final outing — 1962’s Something’s Got To Give — was completed.

Now to the answers to our current Marilyn Quiz. Let’s see if you could come up with the titles of some of her earliest pictures. Here we go:

Question 1) Ok, let’s start at the beginning. Below is Marilyn as Evie the waitress in her first movie, a drama of sorts whose cast includes Dickie Moore, Darryl Hickman and Jerome Cowan. The title of this 1947 outing is…

El debut de Marilyn Monroe en "Dangerous Years" (1947) - YouTube

Answer: Dangerous Years.

Dangerous Years (1947) - IMDb

Question 2) As shown below, a very young Marilyn goes over her lines (there were few of them) with actors Robert Karnes (left) and Lon McCallister. The cast for this 1948 comedy, Monroe’s second movie, features June Haver and Walter Brennan and a cameo by another future star, Natalie Wood. The title of this movie is….

Marilyn Monroe In Scudda Hoo Scudda Hay - Church And Canoe Scenes - YouTube

Answer: Scudda-Hoo! Scudda-Hay!

Left or Right? – Scudda Hoo! Scudda Hay! (1948) – The Telltale Mind

Question 3) Two years later, Marilyn stepped up her game a bit by appearing in a movie featuring genuine stars, Mickey Rooney and Pat O’Brien. In this 1950 melodrama, the Mick (below right) plays a skating champ felled by polio. Marilyn plays “Polly.” The title of this one is…

Answer: The Fireball. The Fireball: Mickey Rooney, Pat O'Brien, Beverly Tyler, James  Brown, Marilyn Monroe, Ralph Dumke, Bert Begley, Milburn Stone, Sam Flint,  John Hedloe, Tay Garnett: Movies & TV

Question 4) By 1951, Marilyn hit her stride as a big screen sexpot, as exemplified by her role as a stunning former WAC in this post-World War II comedy/drama featuring June Haver, William Lundigan and Jack Paar (yes, that Jack Paar). It was perhaps her first real supporting screen role. The title is…

Love Nest (1951)

Answer: Love Nest. See photo of Marilyn charming William Lundigan at the top of today’s blog.

Love Nest - Wikipedia

Question 5) Always headed for stardom, Marilyn was pretty much there by 1952 when she costarred with you know who (below) in a screwball comedy directed by Howard Hawks. Along with Carry Grant, the movie featured such A-list talent as Ginger Rogers and Charles Coburn. The title of this picture is…

Answer: Monkey Business.

Trophy Unlocked: Stubs - Monkey Business (1952)

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