How much did you know about that tough dame of so many classic noir films, Marie Windsor?

Sexy, hardnosed and mean in her crime dramas (don’t let that benign expression above fool you), she was an open-hearted Utah girl offscreen who was remarkably intelligent and well respected.

Costars and such notable directors as Stanley Kubrick admired her for much more than what one scribe calls her luxurious bedroom eyes that accentuated a delectable 5’9″ figure of jaw-dropping sexuality. She was a talented actress who worked hard.

So, again we ask, how much did you know about Marie Windsor.  Let’s check today’s answers to our Monday Quiz to find out.  To refresh yourselves about the questions, just scroll down to the blog below.  Here we go:

1) Answer:  c) Clara Bow, all the rage in the 1920’s and known as the “It Girl.”  She was Windsor’s early screen idol.

2) Answer:  b) Elisha Cook Jr., an actor much abused in a number of noir pictures. The poor guy gets slapped, punched and, in The Killers, thoroughly emasculated by Windsor.

3) Answer: b) False.  Charles McGraw and Windsor were memorably paired in 1952’s The Narrow Margin, affectionately described as among Hollywood’s best ever ‘B’ movies. He and Windsor got along famously, as did the actor’s wife at the time, Freda.  They all used to enjoy summer family outings in Malibu Beach. McGraw drank, but it didn’t bother Windsor.

4) Answer:  c) Maria Ouspenskaya, a Russian-born actress and acting teacher.

5) Answer:  b) False.  Offscreen she was the model of level headedness.  Windsor effectively married just once (her first marriage was annulled), and didn’t engage in casual romances.

6) Answer:  a) True.  Windsor was a longtime adherent of the Mormon faith.

7) Answer:  George Raft and John Garfield, who each stood two inches shorter than Windsor’s 5-feet 9-inches. Windsor was trained to bend her knees a lot in closeups with Raft in 1949’s Outpost in Morocco.  Windsor costarred with Garfield in 1948’s Force of Evil.

8) Answer:  a) General Hospital. 

9) Answer:  c) Windsor learned how to ride early and often, and was a skilled horsewoman.

10) Answer:  Windsor and Ronald Reagan were both right of center politically and, more important, both served long terms as officers of the Screen Actors Guild.


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