She was only 73 when she died, but in Hollywood Classic films she was always OLD. What do you know about her and successful, abbreviated career?

There’s she is above right as the ever wise gypsy, Maleva, in Universal’s 1943 outing, Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man. That’s Patric Knowles to the left and a concerned-looking Ilona Massey in the middle.

And, if you have to see only one Irene Dunne picture, make it RKO’s Love Affair, director Leo McCarey’s romantic drama in which the actress portrays an American woman romanced by a French playboy (Charles Boyer).

Both leads are extraordinarily sensitive as is, notably, a supporting character performance contributed by Maria Ouspenskaya (below) as a kindly grandmother. (P.S. The movie won Ouspenskaya her second Oscar nomination.)

Maria Ouspenskaya in Love Affair | djabonillojr.2008 | Flickr

O.K. Let’s get to our Maria Ouspenskaya Quiz. As usual, answers tomorrow. Here we go:

  1. Question: Although Ouspensaya was widely known in Hollywood for her many character roles, she was even better known as a) a professional acting coach b) a voice and diction coach; c) an astrologer; or d) a psychologist to the stars.

2. Question: Despite her exotic-sounding foreign name, Ouspenskya was actually born in Nutley, New Jersey. a) True; or b) False?

3. Question: Which of one of the following pictures did Ouspenskaya NOT appear in? a) 1940’s Waterloo Bridge; b) 1936’s Dosworth; b) 1945’s Tarzan and the Amazon; or d) 1943’s I Walked With A Zombie.

4. Question: Although she appeared diminutive onscreen, Ouspenskaya was actually a formidable physical presence offscreen. a) True; or b) False?

5. Question: Ouspenskaya was widely beloved by the Hollywood community both in front and in back of the cameras. a) True; or b) False?

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