Hello everybody.  Morella and Segers here again.  Remembering.

We old-timers remember the days when newspapers ran a half dozen entertainment  columns  about movies, theatre, and all other aspects of show business. If Louella– Parsons that is– or Hedda — Hopper, of course,   don’t ring a bell with you,  how about         Rona Barrett?    Or Rex Reed?    Or Liz Smith?   Or do you remember Ed Sullivan (yes, he was a columnist before he  was a TV host) or Walter Winchell? Dorothy Kilgallen ?

Show Business Columnists specialized in covering Hollywood, or Broadway, or sometimes a particular city (think Irv Kupcinet in Chicago, Herb Caen in San Francisco.)  The point is that you could pick up your morning paper and leisurely read about celebrities and show business doings while having your first cup of Joe. –By the way, the slang for coffee comes from one of the earliest popular brands,  Joseph Mortensen’s– which is the sort of tidbit you’d hear about in a “column.”

Somehow sports, advice and etiquette columns seemed to have survived, but  for the most part  entertainment”columns” are a thing of the past.  People get their news and gossip from TV.  Don’t know about you but we miss the old time columns.  And one of our goals with this blog is to try to give our readers a daily fix.  A little news, maybe a bit of gossip, some remeniscing, and a photo to remind you of the old days.

Thinking of those answers to the Bogart Quiz?

YESTERDAY’S PIC:  Alan Ladd and Brandon deWilde in “Shane.”  deWilde was one of the few child actors to make the transition to adult roles.  He’s excellent as Warren Beatty’s brother in “All Fall Down.” He died, tragically, too young.

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