Of the three Lane sisters, Lola Lane (above) had the longest film career. Rosemary the shortest. They both starred in Hollywood Hotel with a young Dick Powell.

But Rosemary, who had a fine voice, was given little else at the studio.

This may drive you nuts but there were actually FIVE  Lane sisters.

Besides Lola, Rosemary and Priscilla Lane (covered in yesterday’s Quiz), there were Martha, who never got involved in show business, and Leota, who did but never enjoyed even the limited big screen successes of either Priscilla (covered yesterday), Lola or Rosemary (today’s quiz subjects).

In any case, let’s see how much you recall about Lola and Rosemary.  Questions today and answers tomorrow.  Here we go:

1) Question: In their early show biz years, Priscilla Lane’s specialty was as a wisecracking comedienne.  What was sister Rosemary early specialty?  a) Dancing; b) Pantomime and making funny faces; c) Vocalizing of romantic ballads; d) Strip teasing.

2) Question: Rosemary and younger sister Priscilla spent nearly five years entertaining with which one of these famous bandleaders?  a) Duke Ellington; b) Artie Shaw; c) Fred Waring; or d) Guy Lombardo.  

3) Question: Lola’s Lane’s best movie is probably the 1937 crime drama Marked Woman starring Humphrey Bogart and Bette Davis.  What role did she play? a) A burlesque queen; b) A nun; c) A “showgirl” working a mob controlled clip joint; or d) A sympathetic nurse.

4) Question: Rosemary and Lola along with sister Priscilla Lane appeared in how many movies together from 1938 to 1941?  a) 12; b) four; c) two; or d) nine.

5) Question: Rosemary famously married and then divorced Hollywood makeup artist, Bud Westmore, who had previously been married to which one of these famous women? a) Martha Raye; b) Judy Canova; c) Lucille Ball; or d) Joan Crawford.

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