How much did you remember about him? (What a dapper gent he was.)

Did you know that the actress pictured above regarded our quiz subject as a favorite leading man?

And, why, exactly did Stone, of all people, turn up pictured in that dated by still salacious tell-all Hollywood Babylon, published in 1975?

Ok, on to the answers to our Lewis Stone Quiz.

1) Question: As mentioned, Stone actually fought in two wars, both notable in U.S.   history. Which two of the following? a) The Boxer Rebellion; b) The Spanish-American War; c) The Philippine Revolution; d) World War I.

Answer: (b) and (d). Stone, born in 1879, was way too old to take part in World War II.  And, no, no truth to the rumor that he put in an appearance in the French and Indian War.

2) Question: Stone took the role of Andy Hardy’s father, Judge James Hardy, in 1937, becoming widely perceived as “the embodiment of goodness.” How many Hardy features did Stone make in that exalted role?  a) Five of 10 total; b) 17;  c) 14 of 16; or d) nine.

Answer:  (c) 14 of 16.  The first was 1937’s You’re Only Young Once. By the time of the final film of the series, 1958’s Andy Hardy Comes Home, Stone had been dead for five years.

3 ) Question: As mentioned, Stone has a citation in the Guinness Book of World Records.  Why?  (Can you also explain his appearance in Hollywood Babylon?)

Answer: Stone is mentioned in the World Records tome because of his 29-year tenure with MGM, beginning in 1924, ending the year of his death. He is cited as “the artist with the longest contract to one studio.” As for Hollywood Babylon, Stone gets a double-page spread showing him — dead — sprawled across a sidewalk near his Beverly Hills home, his grieving wife at his side. In a “get off my lawn” moment, the actor had been shooing away a band of rowdy teenagers, and was fatally felled by a heart attack. He was 73.

4) Question: Stone was a favorite costar of which one of the following actresses?  a) Gloria Swanson; b) Jean Harlow; c) Greta Garbo; or d) Lillian Gish.

Answer:  (c) Greta Garbo. Stone costarred with her in seven films: A Woman of Affairs (1928), Wild Orchids (1929), Romance (1930), Inspiration (1931), Mata Hari(1931), Grand Hotel (1932) and Queen Christina (1933).

5) Question: As an actor, Stone was stereotyped early in his movie career as a) a rake and scoundrel not to be trusted; b) a swashbuckling adventurer; c) a gentlemanly romantic type; or d) all of the above.

Answer: (c) Stone played the role of the gentlemanly romantic with great authority.

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