Yes, he was Andy Hardy’s father. But he was so much more.

A native of Massachusetts, he served his country in two wars. He was one of the finest actors to emerge from the silent era.  His role alongside Emil Jannings in 1928’s The Patriot won him an Academy Award nomination. He has a credit in the Guinness Book of World Records as well as a mention in the infamous Hollywood Babylon.

And, yes, he most often played the mature, sensible adult; his hair turned gray at the age of 20. His many appearances with Mickey Rooney in the Hardy series remains his most memorable legacy.

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By the time he died in 1953, Lewis Stone had appeared in more than 150 films over a nearly 40-year period.

Granted, given that Stone shuffled off this mortal career in mid-20th century at the age of 73, you may not know a ton about him.  But there is always the Andy Hardy series.  In any case, let’s see how much you can recall about Lewis Stone.

Onward to our Quiz. (Answers tomorrow.):

1) Question: As mentioned, Stone actually fought in two wars, both notable in U.S. history. Which two of the following? a) The Boxer Rebellion; b) The Spanish-American War; c) The Philippine Revolution; d) World War I.

2) Question: Stone took the role of Andy Hardy’s father, Judge James Hardy, in 1937, becoming widely perceived as “the embodiment of goodness.” How many Hardy features did Stone make in that exalted role?  a) Five of 10 total; b) 17;  c) 14 of 16; or d) nine.

3 ) Question: As mentioned, Stone has a mention in the Guinness Book of World Records.  Why?  (Can you also explain his appearance in Hollywood Babylon?)

4) Question: Stone was a favorite costar of which one of the following actresses?  a) Gloria Swanson; b) Jean Harlow; c) Greta Garbo; or d) Lillian Gish.

5) Question: As an actor, Stone was stereotyped early in his movie career as a) a rake and scoundrel not to be trusted; b) a swashbuckling adventurer; c) a gentlemanly romantic type; or d) all of the above.

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