Ok, we admit it.

Our subject today is not exactly one of the most charismatic of classic movie actors.  But his movie and television career was long and circuitous, providing some interesting surprises.

Born Lewis Frederick Ayers III in 1908 in Minneapolis, Minn., Lew Ayres is widely known today for his at-the-time controversial stance towards military service during World War II. His association with a famous fictional doctor is also remembered.

We hope our Quiz will familiarize you with some of Ayres’ lesser known achievements.  There is plenty to choose from since Ayers became a big time movie star by 1930, and continued working until a decade or so before his death (two days after his 88th birthday) in 1996.

We’ll start with the most central question, and take it from there. Answers tomorrow. Here we go:

1) Question: The movie that made Ayers’ career remains a classic directed by Lewis Milestone about the horrors of war.  Which picture is it?  a) A Walk in the Sun; b) Pork Chop Hill; c) Halls of Montezuma; or d) All Quiet on the Western Front.

2) Question: Before he became an actor and broke into movies, Ayers had a fairly successful mini-career doing what?  a) Selling life insurance; b) Performing as a circus acrobat; c) As a big band musician; or d) As a carnival barker.

3) Question:  Ayers married three times to a pair of actresses and a former airline stewardess. Who was the most famous of the trio?  (Hint: She is associated with Fred Astaire.)

4) Question:  Ayers’ second most famous role in both movies and radio was as which one of these of a classic movie doctors.  a) Dr. James Kildare; b) Dr. Henry Frankenstein; c) Dr. Hugo Hackenbush; r d) Dr. Anton Phibes.

5) Question: Ayers was hired as an actor by a succession of Hollywood’s classic movie studios.  Which one of the following did he NOT sign with?  a) MGM; b) Paramount; c) Republic; or d) Universal.

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