Here’a a picture of “the king of the cowboys,” Roy Rogers, an exclusive shot from our very own private vault.

It’s part of our exclusive Donald Gordon Collection of snapshots taken in Forties Hollywood by our late palwho at the time was serving a kind of junior-actor-in-residence at Columbia Pictures.

Donald usually took his famous-pal photos in urban settings, on the studio lot, outside restaurants or at informal gatherings at private homes. This time he went rural, to the location of 1945’s Utah, the Republic Pictures western (one of dozens Roy made at the medium-rent studio run by one Herbert J. Yates).

Donald captured the very handsome, 34-year-old Roy Rogers goofing off with a crew member between setups. In our last blog about the cowboy king, published on June 24, we used another of Donald’s informal snapshots of Rogers, which drew this response from regular reader, Patricia Nolan-Hall:

I once shared a hospital room with a woman 60 years my senior. As we chatted we laughed over something we found in common – we’d both had a crush on Roy Rogers!

We suspect the two of you were by no means alone, Patricia.

Continuing this positive mood, we include an e-mail received from B.A. Sanchez commenting on our Sept. 22, 2015 blog, ELEANOR PARKER — Overlooked Star?

Hi!  Just discovered this fine article on what I believe may have been Hollywood’s most beautiful and greatest actress. You’ll notice that I didn’t say “super star” or “mega-star,” those self-induced superlatives invented by a film industry lacking for the most part of true dramatic players generating an art form. Well, anyway, thanks for the opportunity of letting me put in my two cents.

And thank you, B.A.

In response to Our Monday Quiz covering Red Skelton, published on June 20, we received the following from Mark Kratzner, whose email address suggests he is connected to The Red Skelton Museum of American Comedy, which thrives in the comedian’s hometown of Vincennes, Indiana.

At issue was one of our Quiz questions:

8) Question: Like Danny Kaye, Skelton was at one point married to his agent/manager. What was his affectionate term for his wife? a) ‘Little Red’; b) ‘Mamma’; c) ‘Doll’; or d) ‘Nut buster.’

The question is misleading. 1st wife, Edna was the manager. 2nd wife, Georgia had the affectionate term. 

Sorry if we mislead, Mark. Skelton actually referred to his first wife, who acted as his agent/manager, as “Mamma.” That was the answer we were looking for. To be sure, he also referred to his second wife as ‘Little Red.’ So you are correct.

In any case, best wishes to all those at the Red Skelton Museum.

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