Charles Farrell’s exclusive, members only tennis resort in Palm Springs was the place to be in the golden years of Hollywood.

Lana Turner and Artie Shaw (pictured) honeymooned there. It was her first of many marriages. His third. Both would have 8 in all. But Shaw married 8 different women, Lana only 7 men since she’d married Steve Crane twice.

Many famous visitors liked to cook with owner and host Farrell. Below is a young Jane Wyman just before she married a fellow contract player who would later become President of The United States.

Even in the 1950s young lovers came to the Palm Springs retreat for some fun and relaxation.

That’s Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh. Other couples who met there included Spencer Tracy (who kept a bungalow on the premises) and Katherine Hepburn. But he was just there to play chess.


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