He (on the right) had quite a career and a few famous wives.

Today we return to our usual Monday to Friday format. And so the questions today and the answers tomorrow.

First, this question: what was it with Franchot Tone and the women he married?

Tone, an experienced stage actor who compiled a busy Hollywood career (some 100 movie and tv credits over 36 years beginning in 1932), costarred in his time with some of classic Hollywood’s leading ladies including Jean Harlow, Loretta Young, Claudette Colbert, Myrna Loy, Joan Bennett, Rosalind Russell, Gladys George and Ella Raines.

Born in 1905 in Niagara Falls, Tone even lent his smooth self-assurance to an encounter with a 19-year-old Shirley Temple in 1947’s Honeymoon. We still enjoy seeing him opposite Anne Baxter in Billy Wilder’s entertaining 1943 adventure, Five Graves To Cairo. (Tone died relatively early, at 63, a victim of lung cancer in 1968.)

But Tone’s taste in wives?  We dunno.

Well, let’s see how much you know about this smoothly complicated actor.

1) Question: All of Tone’s four wives were actresses of a certain pedigree?  a) True; or b) False.

2) Question: Tone’s first wife (the marriage lasted less than four years) was to an actress who become genuine Hollywood royalty, logging an astonishingly durable and successful career.  Can you name her? (HINT: She was not Bette Davis’s favorite.)

3) Question: Tone never won an Oscar, but was nominated in the best actor category for which picture?  a) The 1935 edition of Mutiny on the Bounty; b) 1957’s Uncle Vanya; c)  1936’s Love On The Run; or d) 1962’s Advise & Consent.

4) Question: Tone’s romantic pursuit of his third wife resulted in a jealous brawl with another actor that had tongues wagging in Hollywood and sent Tone to the hospital. Who was that other actor? a) Lawrence Tierney; b) Robert Mitchum; c) Tom Neal; or d) Clifton Webb.

5) Question:  Late in his life, Tone offered to remarry one of his prior wives. She turned him down but generously cared for the ailing actor.  Who is she? (Hint: see Question 2.)

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