What a beauty.

Sexy, too.

Image result for IMAGES OF yVONNE dE cARLO

And a solid actress as well.

Her career extended over a half century, consisting of some 125 movie and tv credits. She was one of the few glamorous stars of the Forties and Fifties who made herself better a household name via a prime time television series.

She started out as 1938’s Miss Venice Beach, sang well, was romanced by Howard Hughes, spoke French and in the early Seventies starred in the original Broadway cast of Stephen Sondheim’s musical Follies (her signature tune: I’m Still Here).

A non-Quiz query: Tony Curtis famously made an early impression dancing the rhumba in just one brief scene in the excellent 1949 film noir, Criss Cross. Who was his dancing partner?  Answer: Yvonne DeCarlo, who costarred with Burt Lancaster in Criss Cross. She and Curtis wound up having a brief fling. One of many Yvonne enjoyed.

Ok, on to our formal DeCarlo Quiz:

1) Question: DeCarlo always pr0jected a kind of exotic beauty onscreen. She was born in which one of the following foreign countries? a) France; b) Spain; c) the Dominican Republic; or d) Canada.

2) Question: is best remembered today for her role in which one of the following tv series? a) Murder, She Wrote; b) The Muppet Show; c) I Love Lucy; or d) The Munsters.

3) Question: Which one of the following was NOT a leading man in a DeCarlo picture?  a) Charlton Heston; b) Alex Guinness; c) Peter Lawford; or d) John Carradine. 

4) Question: Yvonne was much admired by which one of the following European-born actresses?  a) Brigitte Bardot; b) Anna Magnani; c) Ursula Andress; or d) Sophia Loren.

5) Question: DeCarlo was known as “the technicolor queen of Hollywood.” Which of the following actresses competed for that informal monicker? a) Maria Montez; b) Rhonda Fleming; c) Lana Turner; or d) Maureen O’Hara.  

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