So how much did you know about Laraine Day, who made perhaps her most lasting cinematic mark as nurse ‘Mary Lamont’ in the Dr. Kildare movie series? By the way, that’s Laraine above with costar Lew Ayres, who played series’ title role.

Day was coolly gorgeous, a model of crisp efficiency, a perfectly utilitarian heroine of the Forties and Fifties. Her career actually spanned nearly a half century with as many tv appearances as big screen performances.

She married three times, and in doing so accidentally became something of a national spokesperson for major league baseball. Let’s put it this way: she was more comfortable on the big screen.

Ok, let’s get to the answers to our Laraine Day Quiz.  As usual, questions can be found on the blog immediately below.  Bonne chance and here we go:

1) Answer:  After making her screen debut in 1937’s Stella Dallas, Day was signed two years later by a) MGM. It was not a great fit.  The actress later declared that the studio never gave her a part that would have done anything for me.

2) Answer:  Day was born in 1920 as Laraine Johnson.  Since (b) MGM already had a Rita Johnson under contract before it signed Day, the studio insisted upon a name change — thus Laraine Day.

3) Answer:  b) Ronald Colman.

4) Answer:  Day costarred in (b) seven Dr. Kildare movies.

5) Answer:  Day lucked out in snaring a key role in 1940’s My Son, My Son! replacing (d) Frances Dee, who had taken ill on the set.  The subsequent public reaction was positive with Life magazine declaring Day a major young Hollywood personality. Incidentally, Dee was the wife of Day’s Foreign Correspondent costar, Joel McCrea.

6) Answer:  Day (b) came from a prosperous Mormon family.

7) Answer:  In 1947, Day married (c) Leo Durocher, the Hall of Fame manager of the old Brooklyn Dodgers and the New York Giants. For a while she was called the first lady of baseball, and made various promotional appearances in behalf of the latter team including a 15-minute interview tv program, Day With The Giants. In truth, Day never particularly liked baseball, and immediately discontinued her activities as soon as she divorced Durocher in 1960.

8) Answer:  In Foreign Correspondent, Day portrays a (b) politician’s daughter.

9) Answer:  (d) All of the above.

10) Answer:  b) False. Check out the answer to question 7.

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