Although the three Lane sisters — Priscilla, Rosemary and Lola — starred in 1938’s Four Daughters, the fourth sister was portrayed by Gale Page. (The photo above is a still from 1939’s Daughters Courageous, in which the Lane trio plus Page, shown left, also appeared.)

Although there actually were Lane sisters No. 4 and 5, one (Martha) never got involved in show business and the other (Leota) flunked her audition for a role in Four Daughters.

The picture with Page as No. 4 sister was a big hit for Warner Bros., copping four Academy Award nominations.  Page was thereafter as the “fourth Lane.”  Inevitably, two sequels followed, again with Page in the cast: 1939’s Four Wives and 1941’s Four Mothers.

Ok, let’s get to the answers to our Priscilla Lane and Lola-Rosemary Lane Quizzes. To review the questions, scroll down to the two blogs below.  Here we go:


1) Answer:  c) John Garfield.

2) Answer:  Director Alfred Hitchcock had insisted that Priscilla Lane appeared a bit too wholesome for the female lead in his 1942 thriller, Saboteur.  His first choice was a) Barbara Stanwyck.  Universal studios prevailed however, and Lane was cast, subsequently winning plaudits for her performance.

3) Answer: a) True.

4) Answer: b) False.  A the studio’s urging, Priscilla dated actor Wayne Morris for quite a while, but nothing came of the pairing.  It was “never serious on either side,” she said.  Lane married twice, the first time to screenwriter Oren Haglund.  The marriage lasted exactly one day and was later annulled.

5) Answer:  d) Lawrence Tierney was Priscilla’s costar in 1948’s Bodyguard. Unfortunately, a hoped for RKO Pictures contract did not materialize, and the movie would be Lane’s last picture.

Yesterday’s LOLA and ROSEMARY LANE Quiz:

1) Answer: In her early years, Rosemary was the singer of the family, aces at c) vocalizing romantic ballads.

2) Answer:  c) Fred Waring, leader of  “The Pennsylvanians.”

3) Answer:  Lola Lane portrayed c) a showgirl working at a mob run clip joint in 1937’s Marked Woman.

4) Answer:  Rosemary, Lola and Priscilla Lane costarred together in b) four movies: 1938’s Four Daughters, 1939’s Four Wives and Daughters Courageous and 1941’s Four Mothers.

5) Answer: Rosemary married famed makeup artists George “Bud” Westmore in 1941. It ended messily 13 years later. Before Lane, Westmore had married comedienne Martha Raye in 1937. It lasted a little more than a year.


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