As we’ve seen from viewing the many informal photos in the Collection of the late Donald Gordon, Hollywood classic stars often look different onscreen and off.

Not necessarily better but somehow different – slicker, more polished, fully made-up and primed for box office consumption.

That‘s not to say the raw material isn’t pretty good.

Lana Turner, for example, was a knockout from the get-go.  By age 15, Lana (born in Idaho) found herself attending Hollywood High School.  Schoolmate, actress Nanette Fabray, recalled that she was the most incredibly beautiful girl we had ever seen. Even the teachers stared at her…she had the bearing of a princess. We all knew she would be a movie star.

Lana quickly became known as “The Sweater Girl” after she was discovered not at Schwab’s but at Currie’s Ice Cream Parlor on the corner of Highland Ave. and Sunset Blvd.

She was cutting a high school class, sipping a coke when she was introduced to man-about-Hollywood Billy Wilkerson. He put her in touch with Zeppo Marx, who had retired from The Marx Brothers to become a talent agent. Lana soon found herself working as an extra in the 1937 version of A Star Is Born. Her journey had begun.

By the way, that’s a Never Before Seen photo from the Gordon Collection.

And yesterday’s mystery man. Sid Luft, pictured with first wife, Lynn Bari. Second wife was, of course, Judy Garland.

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