Lana Turner, we have learned, certainly gets the attention of classic movie lovers. Seems we cannot get enough of her.

Earlier in April, we featured Lana not only as the subject of our weekly Monday Quiz — a highly prestigious category, to be sure — but also as our Star of the Week. In our coverage, we dropped the suggestion that 1946’s The Postman Always Rings Twice may well have been her best movie.

Regular contributor Mark writes this:

I would add THE BAD AND THE BEAUTIFUL as another “classic” Lana Turner film. Of course, in some ways, it’s more a “Kirk Douglas film,” but many film critics/historians consider Lana’s performance in this film to be her best, and, as in POSTMAN, she’s very good in it.

Reader Karen took our Lana Turner Quiz, and remarked:

I enjoyed taking your quiz — and I did pretty well, if I do say so myself. I really got thrown on the number of marriages/husbands — I didn’t realize she’d been married so many times or married Stephen Crane twice!

Yup, Karen.  Maritally speaking, Lana DID get around.

Regular contributor Mike Sheridan e-mailed about our April 8 MARION DAVIES Quiz. We were afraid that Marion’s life and career would be sufficiently obscure to baffle the most dedicated classic movie fan.  Not so.

What a great treat, fellas. Two days of Marion Davies. It couldn’t get any better. She was the glue that was the golden era. Tom Ince might be the only one (outside of Mrs. Hearst) who could’ve used less of our little star. A true blue friend and patriot. Keep up the stellar work.

On April 11, celebrated its third anniversary.  Naturally, we patted ourselves on the back in Please Celebrate– It’s Our Anniversary enumerating the foreign countries that our simple (but not, we hope, simple-minded) blog is read. We forgot one, though.

Danny Reid writes in:

You have a regular reader in Japan too. :D Congrats on the anniversary!

Thanks, Danny.

Recently, Kitty Collins wrote in with some welcome commentary.  We wondered if Kitty Collins was her real name or a homage to the Ava Gardner character in the wonderful 1946 film noir, The Killers.

Thanks :) and no, it’s after ‘The Killers’- I wish I had a name like that.

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