Hello everybody.  The Classic movie guys, Joe Morella and Frank Segers, here again.

Can you identify the actor shown with Lana Turner in this movie publicity still?

Not easy, we admit.  The guy appears almost baby-faced. (He was in his late twenties when this staged photo was taken.) The faux-Elvis-style haircut doesn’t help either.

The presence of older-by-six-years Lana, who looks a tad spacey in this shot, is a giant hint. These two made only one movie together. Another hint is the headline of today’s blog.

Our man was an only child, an athletic swimmer and someone who loved school.  Nonetheless his formal schooling ended when he was 15 when he went to work for a maker of  animated cartoon films.  After joining the studio workers’ union, he was fired.

He was injured during World War II military service but not in combat.  A car accident left him with a split jaw and serious head injuries. Before being discharged, our man spent months in a German hospital.

He’s big pals with Sean Connery and Michael Caine.

He has survived prostate cancer, kidney stones and heart problems.

He is still working.

OK, now.  Who is this guy with Lana?

YESTERDAY’S PIC: From left to right were Lloyd Bridges, Dana Andrews, Richard Conte and Norman Lloyd, with John Ireland on the ground in “A Walk in the Sun” — one of the best combat films of all time.


























































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