Above is a photo of John Saxon holding Marlon Brando at gunpoint.  The shot is from an offbeat Western film than Brando made in the mid 1960s.

Hello, everybody.  Your classic movie guys here again, and since we’ve been writing about Gregory Peck’s Western films, we thought we’d look at other major stars not really identified with Westerns but who gave the genre a try.

Brando made Elia Kazan’s Viva Zapata in 1952, and One Eyed Jacks (which he also directed) nine years later — five years before this film. Much later (in 1976) the actor made Arthur Penn’s The Missouri Breaks with Jack Nicholson.

But the movie we are talking about now is Joe’s favorite Brando Western.

Joe was working at Universal at the time the film was made. He had read the script, and thought it was one of the best he’d ever encountered.

Then he saw the movie! Director Sidney Furie (who was “Hot” at that time) and star Marlon Brando had turned the film into something VERY unlike the original script.

Can you name the title of this film?  (Hint from generous Frank:  a horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse.)

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