So how much did you know about the famous sex goddess of the 1950s and 60s?

We’re talking Kim Novak here so special attention must be paid.  She’s a veteran of some 35 movie credits, and she can still stir up a fuss (see internet stories about this year’s Academy Awards telecast) at age 81.

More important, she is the stellar linchpin of what is now deemed by international movie critics to be the finest movie ever made — Alfred Hitchcock’s 1958 classic, Vertigo.

So how much DO you know about Novak. To find out, check out our much-anticipated answers to our Monday Quiz devoted to the actress.  (To review the questions, just scroll down to yesterday’s blog).  Here we go:

1) Answer:  c) At the time she was “discovered,” Novak was a slightly robust model sent around the country to demonstrate refrigerators as “Miss Deepfreeze.” She was immediately told to lose the extra pounds. She did.

2) Answer:  a) Novak was Columbia Pictures honcho Harry Cohn’s revenge on his previously reigning studio star, Rita Hayworth.  Even so, he was often on the losing end of his subsequent battles with his manufactured new blond star.

3) Answer: b) Novak would tell reporters that she was born in Chicago at St. Anthony’s Hospital on Feb. 13, 1933 in Room 313 and 3:13 a.m.

4) Answer:  b) Some viewers, not all but some, were taken aback at Novak’s obvious facial surgery.  We say, a woman of 81 does have her privileges.

5) Answer:  d) Sammy Davis Jr.  For an excellent account of the romance, then verboten, go on the web to the July 2011 edition of Vanity Fair, and enjoy Sam Kashner’s excellent article, The Color of Love.

6) Answer:  a) True.  Novak reigned at the boxoffice in the 1957-58 period.

7) Answer:  b) Vera Miles was Hitchcock’s first choice for the leading actress role in Vertigo but production delays and a pregnancy forced her exit from the project. The director had used her to good effect in 1957’s The Wrong Man opposite Henry Fonda. He later costarred her in 1960’s classic, Psycho.

8) Answer:  c) Richard Quine.  He broke up a marriage for Novak but she never got around to marrying him.

9) Answer:  b) False.  Novak and Hayworth did not get along especially well, and steered clear of each other during the filming of 1957’s Pal Joey costarring Frank Sinatra.

10) Answer: a) Jane Russell.  If you don’t quite buy her sexpot status, check out the stills from RKO’s The French Line in which Novak made her screen debut as a “model.” Wow!  We love ya, Jane.


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