How much did you know about the gorgeous star of the last century?

How much did you remember about her? Did you know that she costarred with the guy pictured above in the 1957’s romantic saga, An Affair To Remember?

Deborah Kerr and Cary Grant also made two other pictures together: 1953’s Dream Wife and 1960’s The Grass Is Greener. Were they considered a nifty screen couple?  Ah, questions, questions. (The answer is — yes.) But…..


…we vividly remember Kerr from the period (above) she lit up the screen as the super-sexy adulteress in From Here To Eternity.  The “English Rose” turned herself into quite something else. (And yes, she did have an offscreen romance with her costar Burt Lancaster. No wonder their beach scene still looks so good.)

Ok, lets get to the answers to our Deborah Kerr Quiz. Here we go:

1) Question:  Despite her arbitrary Hollywood designation as the “English Rose,” Kerr was actually born in a) Australia; b) Wales; c) Scotland; or d) Serbo-Croatia?

Answer:  Kerr was born in (c) Scotland in 1921 (she died at 86 in 2007) as Deborah Jane Kerr-Trimmer.  Her father was a soldier who had been gassed in World War I.

2) Question: Yes, Kerr was nominated in the best actress Oscar category for her work in six films including From Here To Eternity and 1956’s The King and I.  Which one of the following did NOT earn her a nomination?  a) The Sundowners; b) Edward, My Son; c) Separate Tables; or d) Quo Vadis.

Answer:  Kerr did NOT garner an Oscar nomination for her performance in (d) Quo Vadis, an MGM costume drama set in ancient Rome.  She got to romance Robert Taylor onscreen, however.  The picture is distinctive if only for Peter Ustinov’s whacky portrayal of a crazed Emperor Nero.

3) Question: Not widely know was the fact that Kerr could sing pretty well, with her vocal abilities on display at least once since she did her own singing in the musical The King and I. a) True or b) False.

Answer:  b) False. Kerr may have had a decent singing voice but we didn’t get to hear it in The King and I. Her voice was dubbed by veteran singer-voice-over-specialist Marnie Nixon. (And yes, that’s Deborah in costume pictured in our first photo above with costar Yul Brynner).

4) Question: In her early 30’s Kerr conducted an offscreen affair with which one of her onscreen costars?  a) Robert Mitchum; b) Yul Brynner; c) Robert Taylor; or d) Burt Lancaster.

Answer:  See that big fat clue in the introduction above.  

5) Question:  How was Kerr’s surname properly pronounced?  a) “care”; b) “cur;” c) “car”; d) “”currr”.

Answer: The pronunciation of Kerr’s fascinated many in the Fifties, and even became fodder for night club comedians. The correct pronunciation is (c) “car.”






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