“Keep Betty Grable, Lamour and Turner.”

Hello Everybody.  Back again with a quiz or two.

Many of you recognized that line opening today’s blog as a lyric from the Frank Sinatra hit song “Nancy with the Laughing Face.”  It goes, “keep Betty Grable, Lamour and Turner, she makes my heart a charcoal burner, no angel could replace my Nancy with the laughing face.”  In the early 1940’s everyone knew the pin ups he referred to. Grable, Dorothy Lamour and Lana Turner.

The song was written for Sinatra’s daughter who was then his only daughter. (the lyric says “sorry for you, she has no sister.”) Pop Quiz. One of the song’s lyricists was a famous eye glass wearing comic and good friend, who was a second banana in films but later a star on television.

The song remained one of Sinatra’s standards and in the early 60’s he re-recorded it and the famous lyric was updated.  “keep Audrey Hepburn, and keep Liz Taylor, Nancy’s the feature, they’re just the trailer.”  Note they kept the movie reference. And note that they used the two biggest stars of the period.

Today’s big question.  If we were updating the lyric for 2011 what would it be.  We await your inspired contributions.

An aside:  Grable wasn’t the only pin up of World War II, although she starred in “Pin-up Girl.” There were Lamour and Turner.  But also Rita Hayworth,  Jane Russell, -even Paulette Goddard and Ginger Rogers (and others.)  Who is your favorite?


YP: That was, of course, Nancy Sinatra.  Posed with Peter Fonda.  Nancy was about 5 when the song was first released.


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