Millions of words have been written about her.  Thousands of stories told.

But who was she really?

Well, we’ll give you a chance today to find out.  Since her passing in 2003 at age 96, there’s been a fair amount of revisionist assessment of Katharine Hepburn personally and of her illustrious career covering more than 50 movie and tv titles over a span of 62 years.

Our Monday quizzes are designed to both test your knowledge of and inform you about an actor or actress we especially like.

To start off with, did you know that “the Great Kate,” the Connecticut Yankee who spoke her mind no matter what, won more Oscars than any performer in Hollywood history? Well, enough said.  Let’s get to our questions.

1) Question: When she was a teenager Hepburn was devastated by a family incident that she never forgot.  What happened? a) She was sexually molested by her doctor father; b) She walked in on a tryst between her mother and her lover; c) Her older brother hanged himself; or d) Her family declared bankruptcy.

2) Question: In her first movie, 1932’s Bill of Divorcement, Hepburn clashed with her leading man, the legendary John Barrymore.  a) True; or b) False.

3) Question: During her 14-movie stay at RKO, Hepburn singled out one particular actress as her chief competitor for the title of the studio’s biggest star.  Who was this actress? a) Lucille Ball; b) Barbara Stanwyck; c) Ginger Rogers; or d) Dolores del Rio.

4) Question: Besides director George Cukor, Hepburn had close associations with three famous Hollywood men.  Which of the following was NOT among them? a) John Ford; b) Leland Hayward; c) Cary Grant; or d) Howard Hughes.

5) Question: What did Hepburn share with Marlene Dietrich, Greta Garbo, Claudette Colbert, Tallulah Bankhead, Kay Francis, Miriam Hopkins and Lilyan Tashman? a) A big salary; b) Troubled relationships with men; c) Lesbianism or bisexuality; or d) Major-league talent.

6) Question: Hepburn’s fabled liaison with Spencer Tracy was primarily a) a passionate sexual romance; b) platonic; c) an almost maternally protective smothering by Hepburn; or d) an emotional tie that defies easy classification?

7) Question: Tracy actually wanted to marry Hepburn but it was she who repeatedly turned down his proposals.  a) True; or b) False?

8) Question: Which movie first established the Hepburn-Tracy screen magic? a) Cukor’s Keeper of the Flame; b) Harold S. Bucquet’s Without Love; c) Elia Kazan’s Sea of Grass; or d) George StevensWoman of the Year.

9) Question: The name of the Hepburn’s character in 1940’s The Philadelphia Story was adopted by a contemporary actress who once made a big splash in the pornographic film world.  a) True; or b) False.)

10) Question: How many Oscars did Hepburn win, and how many Oscar nominations did she receive? a) three and nine; b) four and 12; c) six and 13; or d) five and 14?

Stay tuned. Answers tomorrow.

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