Julie Andrews is world renowned for her musical appearances and her incredible four-octave singing voice. So it’s stands to reason that the bulk of her 49 film and tv credits involved musical projects, no?

Well, not quite. There were many notable dramatic turns in the mix including some of the best of the seven movies she made with second husband Blake Edwards. Perhaps foremost of her non-musical roles is that of an assistant to defecting scientist Paul Newman in Alfred Hitchcock’s 1966 political thriller Torn Curtain.

Torn Curtain - Wikipedia

By the way, Andrews now 85 is still working. However the singing stopped after a bungled 1997operation on her vocal chords. (Andrews sued the doctors and won big.)

Ok, on to answers to the four remaining questions in our Julie Andrews Quiz. Did you identify all five pictures shown (including No. 1 Torn Curtain)? Let’s see.

2. This picture picture showcased an ambidextrous quality to Andrews performance. It was directed by her husband.

Answer: 1982’s Victor/Victoria, directed by Blake Edwards and one of Andrews’ most successful screen appearances. She was nominated for a best actress Oscar for her performance as a deceptively androgynous night club singer.

Sound of Music' isn't (just) what makes Julie Andrews great - Los Angeles  Times

3. This 1964 romantic comedy/drama has Julie playing a lowly motor pool driver who attracts a fast-talking American officer in World War II England in the buildup to 1944’s D-Day. Who is that guy sharing a typically British drenching?

Answer: The Americanization of Emily, costarring James Garner.

The Americanization of Emily - Julie Andrews Photo (21287183) - Fanpop

4. In this 1974 thriller, Andrews plays a British civil servant who falls for a Russian spy. Who’s that guy in the photo below?

Answer: He ain’t Russian. He’s native Egyptian Omar Sharif. The picture is 1974’s The Tamarind Seed, another of Andrews’ collaborations with Blake Edwards.

The Tamarind Seed | Robert Willoughby, Blake Edwards, Evelyn Anthony, Omar  Sharif

5. This 1986 outing has Julie playing a violinist married to an ailing composer. Alan Bates and Max von Sydow are on hand to watch Andrews’ character cope with one misfortune after another. No Mary Poppins this. The drama won Julie a best actress Golden Globe.

Answer: Duet For One, a 1986 drama about a world famous violinist stricken with MS.

Duet for One (1986) - Photo Gallery - IMDb
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