Ok, Judy Garland fans, it’s gut-check time.

Time to reveal our much-anticipated answers to yesterday’s pop quiz. For the questions, just scroll down to The Monday Quiz — JUDY GARLAND to review our devilishly difficult queries designed to test the knowledge of even the most dedicated Garland aficionado.

And, here are the answers:

Answer: Babes in Arms was the first musical legendary producer Arthur Freed mounted at MGM. He later boasted that the movie was “the biggest money-maker MGM had that year,” netting the studio more money than any other musical released during the previous 10 years. “Everyone said I was nuts when I said Judy would be a star.”  Garland’s costar was, of course, Mickey Rooney.

Answer: Ed Sullivan was miffed because he paid full salary to the Hollywood stars who appear on his CBS program while the powerful Hollywood columnist Hedda Hopper got her guests — notably including Judy — for free on her talk show, Hedda Hopper’s Hollywood.  The difference was Hopper’s hold on the film colony was tighter that Sullivan’s despite his much bigger tv ratings.

Answer: 3) a gap between her front teeth. Wrote Mervyn LeRoy, producer of The Wizard of Oz: “I sent her to a dentist who gave her that winning, gapless smile.”

Answer: Husband No. 1, composer David Rose; No. 2, director Vincente Minnelli; No. 3, agent-producer Sid Luft; No. 4, actor Mark Herron; and No. 5, musician Mickey Deans.

Answer:  3) 47.

Answer: No. 3.  A Star Is Born presented itself at a low point in Garland’s career.  She hadn’t worked for several years before her big role as Mrs. Norman Maine, firmly clinched when she agreed to perform at mogul Jack Warner’s elaborate birthday party for his daughter.

Answer: 5) As far as we know, Judy never had an affair with Van Heflin. But her flings with Spencer Tracy, Artie Shaw, Tyrone Power and Orson Welles are now part of MGM lore.

Answer: 2) Judy was tiny, just 4-foot-11.  Question: how did that big voice emanate from that tiny body?  One advantage was that Garland was actually shorter than her frequent costar Mickey Rooney, who stands 5-feet-2.

Answer: 3) Sadly, Garland was driven to multiple suicide attempts, as many as seven. She finally succeeded in her rented London apartment on June 22, 1969.

Answer: 3) Bing Crosby.  His comment was far more diplomatic that Charles Bickford’s crack that Garland in her younger days was a “sex-driven, drug-crazed wreck.”

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