Today more pictures and memories from still photographer John Lot who worked from the 1940s on in Hollywood. That’s Ann Blyth, of course, getting into John’s auto.

John continues telling us a little more about his career: After the four years working for Consolidated Film Industries, I was hired by Byron Haskin, ASC, and head of the Warner Bros. Special Effects Department on Stage 5 in Burbank.

Since this was the largest such department in the movie business, I was able to work with some of the top cinematographers in the special effects field, such as ASC fellows Edwin DuPar, Hans Koenekamp and Warren Lynch.

And John is still fascinated by the work of the first art director he worked with Anton Grot.–It’s been really hard to find information on Grot, but I did come across a blog which features several of his drawings. As far as I can tell, most of them were done for ‘Captain Blood,’ but it looks like at least one was for ‘Mildred Pierce,’ and the last one is probably for ‘Elizabeth and Esse’ or ‘The Sea Hawk’ (the two films share a number of sets).

Grot won five Academy Awards for Art Direction, for Svengali, Anthony Adverse, The Life of Emile Zola, The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex and The Sea Hawk.

John concludes: I have been taking still pictures alongside those working making motion pictures. I believe that making a good movie and taking a good photograph go together.  I like to share my experiences with others and what better way than to let you see with your own eyes my pictures and share my captured memories.

Thanks John.  Readers can check out John’s blog by clicking here.

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