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He played mostly heavies. But he also had great range.

Over a long career — beginning in the mid-Forties and covering more than 200 bigscreen and tv credits over a nearly 50-year span (he died in 1992) — John Ireland played everything from a ruminative World War II G.I. to a costumed army captain witnessing the immolation of Ingrid Bergman’s Joan of Arc.

He was a reliable supporting player in some great films — Howard Hawks’ 1948 western Red River (seen above)with costar Montgomery Clift)……. and John Ford’s My Darling Clementine (that’s our man second from right eyeing Henry Fonda)….

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…Or, as the thoughtful World War II infantryman (in his movie debut) in director Lewis Milestone’s terrific 1945 outing, A Walk In The Sun….

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…Or the meanie in Anthony Mann’s 1948 film noir Raw Deal. (Here he is getting his just desserts from Marsha Hunt.)

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Ok, let’s see how much you remember about John Ireland. As usual questions today and answers tomorrow. Here we go:

1) Question: Born in Vancouver in 1914, Ireland is considered the first Canadian-American actor to be nominated for an Academy Award. For which one of the following pictures? a) 1949’s All The King’s Men; b) 1957’s Gunfight at the O.K. Corral; c) 1975’s Farewell My Lovely; or 1955’s Queen Bee.

2) Queston 2:  Ireland’s eight-year marriage to which one of the following actresses made the couple duo of a Hollywood power couple? a) Ida Lupino; b) Jeanne Crain; c) Susan Haward; or d) Joanne Dru.

3) Question:  Ireland engendered scandal sheet headlines in the Fifties because: a) of his extra-marital romance with Joan Crawford; b) his preference for much younger actresses; c) his considerable financial difficulties; or d) his drinking problem.

4) Question: In his later years, Ireland professionally deployed a skill he developed during his long career.  What was it?  a) He became an accountant; b) He became a pro wrestler for a short period; c) He became a chef/restaurateur; or d) He opened an acting school.

5) Question: In addition to being a busy actor, Ireland was also a director of some note.  a) True; or b) False.

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