He was of the most recognizable character actors ever. Craggy, angular with a deep, distinctive voice and vocal delivery.

And one of the very busiest, working in more than 200 big screen movies and another 150 television appearances over a 60-years-plus career. He was also a pretty decent actor on the stage, essaying such roles as Hamlet and Malvolio.

The former Richmond Reed Carradine, born in New York City in 1906, often portrayed odd types and villains in cheesy low-budget vehicles but worked in eight films nominated for best-picture Oscars. While he was at it, Carradine fathered several sons who themselves became screen actors that you actually have heard of.

And was unabashedly a ham. That ham quotient in any actor is “what makes him interesting,” said John Carradine.

How much more do you know about John Carradine? Take today’s Quiz and find out. As usual answers tomorrow.

  1. Question: Although Carradine played a vast array of characters in many, many films, he was was widely known for his portrayals of Dracula. In how many movies did he actually play the Count? a) 15; b) four; c) 12; or d) eight.

2. Question: Carradine was a special favorite, a go-to actor in the pictures created made by which one of the following directors? a) Alfred Hitchcock; b) Otto Preminger; c) John Ford; or d) Cecil B. DeMille.

3) Question: One of Carradine’s actor sons famously died by hanging himself. Which one? a) Robert; b) David; c) Keith or d) Bruce.

4) Question: Towards the end of his career, Carradine would boast that he actually made more movies than anyone else — ever. Which actor did he regard as his closest rival in this department? a) Donald Crisp; b) Mickey Rooney; c) Christopher Lee; or d) Eric Roberts.

5) Question: Of all the roles he played, which did Carradine regard as his favorite? a) Bluebeard; b) Frankenstein; c) Dracula; or d) Ebenezer Scrooge.

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