She had a knack for marrying famous husbands.

There’s her second (above, John Ireland) with whom our winsome Quiz subject (pictured in full makeup) costarred in Howard Hawks’ super 1948 western, Red River.

Our Quiz subject, of course, is Joanne Dru, whose first marriage spanning most of the Forties was to someone even more famous at the time than workmanlike actor Ireland — singer Dick Haymes. Interestingly, Dru hitched herself to Ireland just about a month after her split from Haymes.

Anyway, Dru’s movie career was spent largely in westerns although she branched out a fair amount via film noir-manque to a James Stewart thriller (1953’s Thunder Bay), 1949’s All the King’s Men (again, with Ireland) to Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis comedy (1954’s 3 Ring Circus). Check her out opposite Tony Curtis in a nifty 1953 crime drama, Forbidden, with Joanne playing a temptress hiding in exotic Macao.

In any role she took on, Joanne looked terrific.  Ok, let’s see how much you know about her.  As usual, to review the question, just scroll down to the blog below.  Here we go with our answers:

1) Answer:  As noted above, Dru married, in order, (b) crooner Haymes (who later became Mr. Rita Hayworth) and then (d) Ireland.  Their union spanned 1949 to 1957. Dru subsequently married two not-famous husbands, four hubbies  in all.

2) Answer:  Dru was NOT in the cast of d) Duel in the Sun. Jennifer Jones memorably played the female lead opposite Gregory Peck and Joseph Cotten.

3) Answer:  Dru found westerns tough duty because (c) she feared and loathed horses. She got along just fine with John Wayne.

4) Answer:  Dru’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star was awarded on the basis of (c) her work on tv.  Fact is that she was overall more professionally active on the tube than on the big screen, especially after the late Forties. In 1960 she made a splash as the Eastern-bred owner of a dude ranch in the comedy series Guestward Ho!

5) Answer: Dru was born Joanne La Cock.  Her little brother, Ralph LaCock, later adopted the name Peter Marshall, and became the original host of hosted Hollywood Squares.

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