There she is with singer Andy Russell, with whom she appeared on a weekly radio program.

Image result for photos of joan davis from I Married Joan

But the real man in her life, professionally speaking, was the guy pictured above. He’s Jim Backus, the costar of Davis’ tv series, I Married Joan. Backus’ character was one Judge Bradley Stevens, married to an especially zany spouse played, of course, by Joan.

Ok, on to the answers to our Quiz:

1) Question: What was the title of the NBC tube series that made Davis a household name? a) Joanie Loves Chachi; b) Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best; c) Joan of Arcadia; or d) I Married Joan. 

Answer: (d).  As noted above.

2) Question:  Which one of the following was Davis’ principal costar in that NBC-TV series mentioned above? a) Eddie Albert; b) Robert Young; c) Fred MacMurray; or d) Jim Backus.

Answer: (d) Also noted above.

3) Question: David scuffled for most of her career economically and was often forced to take roles she deeply disliked.  a) True; or b) False.

Answer: (b) False. Davis was a popular figure as far back as her radio days. She was being paid seven figures in the 1940’s when money was real money.  This allowed Davis to start her own production company in the 1950’s.  Another similarity with Lucile Ball.

4) Question: Which of the following did NOT appear in a Joan Davis movie? a) George Murphy; b) Roy Rogers; c) Alice Faye; or d) Jane Frazee.

Answer:  Sorry, another of our trick questions.  All of the above appeared onscreen at one time or another with Davis.

5) Question: Davis amply displayed her bubbly sex appeal by portraying a stripper in her final film, 1952’s Harem Girl. a) True; or b) False.

Answer:  (b) False. Davis portrays the secretary to Peggy Castle in this exotic comedy.  If anyone removes her clothes, it’s Peggy not Joan.

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