Ok, so how much did you know about one of Hollywood’s biggest stars?  Did we stump you?

Without further ado, let’s get to the answers to our Monday Joan Crawford Quiz. (As usual, the questions can be found in the blog directly below.)

1) Answer: Crawford was born Lucille Le Sueur but was known as Billie Cassin after her mother left her father and married Harry Cassin, owner of a vaudeville theater.  It was in general a tough upbringing for Joan that psychically scarred her the rest of her life.

2) Answer:  d) Raymond Massey.

3) Answer:  b) False.  The story goes that someone tried to blackmail Crawford’s studio, MGM, presenting a print of a porno movie that supposedly starred the actress. However, no one could prove that the performer in the movie was actually Joan.  The rumor persists, nonetheless.

4) Answer: Crawford had affairs with Clark Gable, Jackie Cooper and John Ireland of varying duration and intensity. Let’s put it this way — Joan had her fun. But no record of a (b) Van Heflin romance, however.

5) Answer: a) True. Joan began her Hollywood career capitalizing on her dancing prowess, then switching in the Thirties to playing humble women with love problems. She overdid it with the latter and her fans grew weary.  By 1938 she was in box office cold water.  She snapped back by emphasizing her glamorous sheen and toughness, one of many career adjustments in her career.

6) Answer:  a) True.  Crawford danced with Fred Astaire costarred in 1933’s Dancing Lady. The cast included her lover Clark Gable and future husband Franchot Tone.

7) Answer:  d) Greta Garbo, Crawford’s costar in 1932’s Grand Hotel. Joan kept close watch on any attractive actress within range, and that certainly included c) Elizabeth Taylor.

8) Answer:  b) False.  Joan played the protagonist of Mildred Pierce as written for the screen, and not as in the steamy original novel. Mildred Pierce, the 2011 version, a five-episode HBO tv series directed by Todd Haynes and starring Kate Winslet in the title role played by Crawford, stuck much closer to the original novel. In the HBO edition, “Wally Burgan” (played so well by Jack Carson in the movie) is downplayed — although unlike Carson’s movie character, he does get to have sex with Winslet’s Mildred.

9) Answer:  a) Greg Bautzer, a handsome Hollywood lawyer-fixer who may have romanced Joan but never married her.

10) Answer:  a) True.  Bette Davis held a long standing grudge against Joan for “stealing” boyfriend Franchot Tone.


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