Two quizzes in one week?

Yes, but we really must tie up Joan Bennett’s career as both a blond star and as the brunette beauty seen above.

Keep in mind that the change in Bennett’s hair color (she was a natural blonde) in the late Thirties signalled a shift in her screen image from seductive ingenue to a sophisticated and highly intelligent femme fatale. In short, a woman of danger.

As mentioned in previous blogs, the change was prompted by producer Walter Wanger (about two years before their marriage) who had Joan’s best interests at heart. He was proven right. Bennett starred in some of her best and most memorable big screen outings as a brunette.

Let’s see if you can identify the ones we have included below. We provide photos and a hint or two. You must come up with the movie’s title. Ok, here we go.

Question: Joan starred as Princess Maria Theresa in this 1939 costume outing costarring Louis Hayward. The title is…

Louis Hayward and Joan Bennett in The Man in the Iron Mask… | Flickr

Question: Many regard this 1944 noir entry Joan’s one of Joan’s finest outings. Her costar? The formidable Edward G. Robinson. The title is…

The Woman in the Window (1944) - Peter

Question: Joan play’s Walter Pidgeon’s love interest in this 1941 anti-Nazi thriller directed by Fritz Lang. The title is…

Caftan Woman: THE JOAN BENNETT BLOGATHON: Man Hunt (1941)

Question: Joan shows her intelligence and her sex appeal in this 1948 thriller, playing a doomed secretary to Paul Henreid’s double-dealing criminal mastermind.

Hollow Triumph (1948) - Turner Classic Movies

Question: This time it’s Joan portraying Elizabeth Collins Stoddard, a member of a wealthy if slightly deranged family, in this late Sixties tv soap opera. Joan’s rendition won her an Emmy nomination in 1968. The title of this tv series is…

joan bennett dark shadows - Nanny Goats in Panties – Nanny Goats in Panties
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