During our collective years of watching Hollywood and pondering its personalities, we have had occasions to actually meet and converse with an occasional STAR.

Few have been as forbidding — at least to Frank, who met her at a Tokyo film festival — as our mini-quiz subject, JeanneMoreau.

The French actress was in person every bit the regal grande dame of world cinema that she remains to this day.

Among the last living actresses from France’s “nouvelle vague” movement of the last Fifties and Sixties, she has etched a permanent spot in classic movie history as “Catherine,” the centerpiece of director Francois Truffaut’s unforgettable 1961 outing, Jules and Jim. (If you haven’t seen it, try and do so immediately.  It’s a beauty.)

Frank is not easily impressed with show biz luminaries, but the Jeanne Moreau encounter proved to be an exception.

Ok, on to the answers to our Mini-Quiz.  As usual, scroll down to the blog below to refresh yourselves about the questions.  Here we go:

1) Answer: The answer is c).  How this unfolds in Jules and Jim we won’t say.  But it’s spectacular in its own way and a surprise.

2) Answer:  Orson Welles was an enormous fan of Moreau and her work, but it was b) Lee Marvin who caught the actress’ attention both onscreen and off. They costarred in the 1970 western Monte Walsh, with Marvin in the title role and Moreau as the prostitute with whom he has a fling. He is the greatest man’s man I have ever met and that includes all the European stars I have worked with, intoned Moreau.

3) Answer: Moreau was offered parts in a), b) and c), and turned them all down. (She shouldda fired her agent.) She did agree to make d) Rocco and His Brothers, but was replaced by another actress (French thesp Annie Giradot).

4) Answer: a) 1957’s Les Amants (The Lovers). Moreau plays a middle-aged woman bored with her husband, who takes up with a younger man she meets by accident. What distinguishes the movie is its love scenes, which are pretty racy even by today’s standards. Moreau more than rises to the occasion, and won a best actress citation for her performance at the 1958 Venice Film Festival.

5) Answer:  William Friedkin.

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