So did you know many of the films Jane Wyatt made before she met Robert Young? (Some of them were pretty big, and chocked with big stars.)

One thing is certain. Wyatt had a long career, stretching from her first movie (1934’s One More River, a melodrama about the wife of an abusive husband who looks for love aboard a cruise ship) to her final appearance in the Young Indiana Jones tv series in 1992.

Wyatt is also distinguished by her looks — a remarkable combination of aristocratic charm and sheer sexiness.  That’s why Young (pictured above), the producer/co-owner of Father Knows Best, importuned Wyatt to accept the wifely role in that hit Fifties tv series.

Ok, let’s see how you did with our Jane Wyatt Quiz. As usual, to review the questions just scroll down to the blog below.  Here we go:

1) Answer: a) True.  Wyatt really did give an initial thumbs down to the maternal role of Margaret Anderson on Father Knows Best because, she said, I’d been doing a lot of live tv drama in which I was the star. I didn’t want to be just a mother. PS:  Wyatt won three consecutive Emmy Awards for her performances in the “just a mother” role.

2) Answer:  d) Gentlemen Prefer Blonds.

3) Answer:  b) False.  Wyatt was a liberal politically who took genuine career risks by speaking out against the anti-Communist investigations of Hollywood in the Fifties.

4) Answer:  b) Wyatt expressed her disappointment that the largely pacifist elements of Lost Horizon were removed during World War II. All that was cut because they were trying to inspire those G.I.s to get out there and go ‘bang! bang! bang!’ which sort of ruined the film.

5) Answer:  Sorry.  This is another of our trick questions.  Wyatt appeared onscreen with ALL four male stars:  None But the Lonely with Cary Grant; Boomerang with Dana Andrews; Our Very Own with Farley Granger; and Task Force with Gary Cooper.








which I was the star.  I didn’t want to be just a mother

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