Of course there are many films to choose from when you’re going to celebrate the fourth of July. But we think a fine choice would be the musical 1776.

The current Broadway smash hit, Hamilton, has revived interest in our founding fathers. So why not see a film about our founding fathers and the hot summer they spent in Philadelphia forging our country?

The 1972 film version 1776, which was a hit Broadway musical itself,  stars many who’d been in the Broadway cast, including William Daniels, Ken Howard, John Cullum and Howard DaSilva.

And though critics may quibble about its historical accuracy no one disputes its entertainment value. See it.  Its a great family film that adults will enjoy as well.

Happy and safe Fourth, everyone.

Answer to Friday’s blog (see below):  Our mystery woman photographed at her leisure by our late pal Donald Gordon is none other than — Lupe Velez, born in 1908 and suicide victim in 1944.  According to Hollywood Babylon, she had overdosed on seconal, and was found with her head submerged in the toilet bowl of her Beverly Hills boudoir. What an exit!

ON A HAPPIER NOTE: Last Friday (July 1) marked the 100th birthday of Olivia de Havilland. We previewed the occasion via our May 20 blog, OLIVIA DeHAVILLAND — Approaching A Century.  Take a look.  Happy birthday, Olivia.

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